Auditions for Side Show!

June 24, 26 at 7 p.m. at James McCabe Theater

Sideshow, The Musical
Based on the true story of conjoined twins and famed entertainers Violet and Daisy Hilton, Side Show is a remarkable musical about acceptance, love, and embracing one’s uniqueness. As the starring act of a sideshow, helmed by an abusive ringmaster, Violet and Daisy Hilton are eager to accept an offer of fame, fortune, and potential romance proffered by Terry, a talent scout, and Buddy, a budding musician.  As stars on the Orpheum Circuit, it seems that Violet and Daisy have everything they ever wanted.  The one thing they lack, however, is the fulfillment of their hearts’ desires.  Different as they are, when it comes to matters of the heart, Daisy and Violet have the same burning questions: “Who could proudly stand beside me? Who will love me as I am?”  Nearly entirely sung-through, Side Show features soulful music, stunningly beautiful lyrics, and powerhouse show-stoppers, particularly the famous duets “Who Will Love Me as I Am” and “I Will Never Leave You.”  A stunning reminder of the importance of accepting and celebrating what makes us unique, Side Show is a true story that will touch audience’s hearts.

Characters (Ages 16+)

Violet HiltonFemaleLeadSoprano
Daisy HiltonFemaleLeadSoprano
Terry ConnorMaleSupportingBaritone
Buddy FosterMaleSupportingTenor
The BossMaleSupportingTenor
JakeMaleSupportingTenor, Baritone
Dolly DimplesFemaleEnsembleMezzo-Soprano
Reptile ManMaleEnsembleBaritone
Snake LadyFemaleEnsembleMezzo-Soprano
6th ExhibitFemaleEnsembleMezzo-Soprano
EnsembleEither genderEnsemble
Bearded LadyEither genderEnsembleMezzo-Soprano, Baritone

Please be prepared with a 1 minute song and a 1 minute monologue.